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Doit LED & Solar is based in Edmonton, Alberta, but we are working with the top manufacturers all over the world. In our business, the quality of the products is the most important priority in our business. We have a strict quality process when selecting our manufacturing partners. It is the biggest differentiator we have over our competitions. We have dealt with hundreds of manufacturers in LED lighting and solar industry. We are only working with the top-quality manufacturers in the industry. Our commitment to our clients is to provide long term reliable energy efficient solutions. Our dedication to the quality is a testament of our commitment to our clients.


We have a scorecard for our manufacturers, and we are constantly measure the scores on our manufacturing partners from different aspects. With this approach, we will hold each other accountable, and ensure our manufacturers are consistent on the product quality and delivery. We are performing multiple onsite quality audits throughout the year. As a professional LED Retrofit company and LED lighting wholesale supplier in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we fully invest into our quality program to have inspectors flying to our manufacturing plants to perform the quality audit.

Our manufacturers are ISO 9000 listed companies, and they are following strict rules to assure constantly high standards on the product quality. Our manufacturing partners are implementing successful Lean-Manufacturing-Method to manage every step of the quality process. Divided into several teams, the QC personnel is practically involved in all steps before, during and after the production process. Ongoing checks of all the parts and machinery and regular sampling of the products in all production states, assure a high-quality level of our products delivered to customers’ projects.

Our manufacturing partners have received more than 30 product patents in North America, Europe, Germany, and other countries. Also our products have been distributed through partners to more than 80 countries all over the world.

Because of our commitment to quality when working with our manufacturing partners, there is no surprise that the same factories are also manufacturing LED lighting products for some big brand names.  

Our clients’ long-term satisfaction on the product quality is our biggest motivation to continuing investing in the quality program with our manufacturing partners.
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