About us

DOIT LED & SOLAR is a LED lighting wholesale supplier and professional LED retrofit service provider in Alberta. DOIT LED & SOLAR provides a full line of LED lighting products, solar or wind powered systems, and other innovative solutions. Our goal is to provide a package of energy-efficient solutions to industrial, commercial, and residential markets at an affordable price.


  • MISSION - DOIT LED & SOLAR is dedicated to offering long term cost savings to residential, commercial and industrial clients by providing affordable high-quality energy-efficient solutions.
  • VISION - To be a leader in providing affordable energy-efficient solutions that make our planet more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.


DOIT LED & SOLAR was founded in Edmonton, Alberta to bring innovative energy-efficient solutions to Canada. We provide a full line of high quality LED lighting, solar, and other products at an affordable price to serve industrial, commercial, and residential markets. We are a professional LED Retrofit company. We help commercial and industrial businesses to retrofit the building into LED lighting through government rebates and monthly electricity savings. Our LED Retrofit clients in Alberta include hotels, car dealerships, industrial warehouses, shopping centers, street malls, restaurants, machine shops, medical shops, retail stores, daycares, etc. Not only we would like to protect our planet through energy-efficient products, but we are also developing strategies for our clients to justify the investment in order to reduce their power bills in the long term.


Our business is based on honesty, integrity, connection and knowledge. We are a one-stop-shop. We can custom the products to satisfy the needs of our clients. There are different levels of LED products in the market, and we are only supplying high-quality products with proper certificates and competitive prices. We audit our manufacturer frequently to ensure their safety and quality program comply with our standards. Our commercial and industrial LED lighting products are cUL or cETL or CSA approved, and also DLC 5.2 certified, so that they are qualified for Energy Efficiency of Alberta rebate program. Because of direct manufacturer supply with the key partners, we are able to price match any LED products with the same specifications in the market with an additional 10% of the price difference off.



The following are the products and services we are providing:
  • A full line of LED lighting for industrial, commercial and residential markets.
  • LED Retrofit and Free Energy Audit for commercial and industrial clients.
  • Solar panel, Charger controller, Inverter, Batteries, solar lights, solar heaters, solar-wind or hybrid-powered systems.
  • Flooring and Tiles
  • Water treatment system